Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is the Congressman from Utah's Second Congressional District. He is a No. 1 New York Times best-selling and national award-winning author, world-record-setting Air Force pilot, and the former owner/CEO of a small business.

Chris is one of ten children and grew up on a dairy farm in Cache Valley. He graduated from Utah State University, where he earned his degree in economics. Upon graduation, Chris joined the United States Air Force where he was the Distinguished Graduate (top of his class) in both Officer Training School and Undergraduate Pilot Training. He served for fourteen years as a pilot in the Air Force, flying both rescue helicopters and the B-1B bomber. He holds three world speed records, including the world’s record for the fastest non-stop flight around the world.

Chris is a prolific author having written 18 books, several of which have become national best-sellers, and have been published in six different countries.

Before being elected to Congress, Chris served as president and CEO of the Shipley Group, a nationally recognized firm for consulting expertise in energy and the environment. He and his wife, Evie, are the parents of six children.

Chris now serves as a member of House Appropriations Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.

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Doug Hunsaker

Doug Hunsaker works on improving aircraft design and optimization methods. His research areas focus on computational methods ranging from potential flow to full RANS CFD for both 2D and 3D modeling and optimization. These research efforts are currently directed towards supporting the improved aircraft efficiency interests of NASA and the Air Force Research Lab as well as the rapid design and optimization needs of the emerging drone industry. Doug also has a strong interest in studying unsteady flows as they pertain to flapping flight. His teaching experience and interests include aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight simulation, optimization, and statistics.


Doug Hunsaker is an assistant professor in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Prior to joining the faculty at Utah State University, Doug worked for four years in industry, which included work at Scaled Composites on the Stratolaunch and SpaceShipTwo programs, as well as consulting work for multiple drone companies. He has done aerodynamic, design, or consulting work for Sandia National Labs, AeroVironment, Flying Sensors, the MAGICC Lab, Vayu, and other non-disclosable companies.

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Darrell Green
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Mike Caldwell

Mike Caldwell is a visionary leader. Now in his second term as Ogden's Mayor, Caldwell continues to put local economic development at the forefront of his agenda.

Caldwell's work during his first Mayoral term resulted in national acclaim for Ogden with Forbes', Money magazine, and Newsweek among others touting the city's ability to adapt to change and find success.

Citizens have come to know Mayor Caldwell as a transparent city leader with an unsurpassed willingness to listen to their concerns. Dubbed Ogden's "biking mayor," He will tell you he has been passionately losing races for some twenty years. He enjoys Ogden's high-adventure recreation lifestyle with his family, and is most proud of the titles Husband and Dad.

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